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Washing, Assemblage, Quality controls

Teamcms Washing 01

Environment friendly cleaning

All parts are washed with alkaline detergent and warm water. This is an environmentally friendly process that is effective and gentle. This method is suitable for parts with high cleanliness requirements.

Metal parts packed in steel baskets ready for washing

Teamcms Washing 02

Customized gear

We custom make gear to adapt to the individual parts which prevents damage during washing, and drying process. We wash materials such as plastics, aluminum, steel, rubber etc.

Metal parts packed in steel baskets using customized gear

Teamcms Washing 03

Washing machines

We have two modern washing machines in separate washing lines that allows us to clean large quantities av parts efficiently and economically.

Washing machine

Teamcms Washing 04


After washing the parts are dried using circulating hot air, and when completely dry the basket exits the machine on the runway.

Washed parts in the drying zone

Teamcms Washing 05

Packing and distribution

After washing we pack and distribute the parts according to the customers requests.

Clean parts packed for distribution