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Repackaging, customer distribution and customs management

Teamcms Repackaging 01

We repack your goods

We perform all kinds of repackaging. Everything from unloading containers and placing the goods on pallets to repacking goods according to the customers requests.

Bikes repacked for delivery

Teamcms Repackaging 02

We make adjustments and perform examinations

We can perform on-site adjustments of the goods. We carry out continuous monitoring, relabeling, grinding, turning, welding and coating etc. We have the technical expertise which enables us to assemble parts and replace components if necessary.

Turning of metal parts

Teamcms Repackaging 03

We handle deliveries

We pack orders and ensures that the right goods reach the right customer at the right time.

Our warehouse

Teamcms Repackaging 04

We are able to store transit goods

We are a certified customs warehouse and work with partners who can handle all your customs handling.

Customs handling